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Point Break in Kissamos

surfboard, Crete, waves

This particular swell direction with the combination of the local wind, made our surf spot in Kissamos the perfect point break today. We were stoked! The waves would always break on the same place and roll towards the right - making this a right hander wave. Normally you get such point breaks on a reef break, but today Kissamos had a point break on its sandy beach.

Another cool thing about surfing in Crete in October is that the beaches are basically empty. We parked our van today in front of Nautilus Bay hotel and used the grassy area of Plaka Beach restaurant for the warm up. Then surf instructor Andy spoke about communication and safety, in order to bring everyone on the same page. Today's mission was to make sure the pop up is smooth, thus to keep the right weight distribution on the board and keeping up the speed during the most crucial part surfing: the take-off. So everyone stayed in the white water section for half an hour to have a high wave count and popping up over and over again. Then the group split into the ones who paddled further out and the ones who kept on practicing in the white water. Further out we tried catching green waves and performing a turn. Andy practiced with our participants the motion of the turn earlier during the dry run on the beach. Thibault really stood out today with his paddling strength and technique, which allowed him a super early take off! Vlad also had great success today, popping up for the first time on a surfboard! We can't wait what tomorrow will bring.

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