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October Surf Sessions in Crete

surf lesson, surfboard, white water, Crete

The waves are back in Kissamos beach and we are not mad about it ;)

Our lesson today started with a warm up. Then surf instructor Andy went through the most important explanations, which is communication and safety rules. Before we enter the water, we always do drills on the beach. As Andy says, if you do 100% on land you will perform 30% in the water. Because our participants today had different previous experiences the drills were individual to each person. Matthieu and his son as well Johannes improved and learned the pop up and the turn. Silke and Vlad learned how to catch the white water wave and find the right balance on the board. Father & son were so eager to learn how to turn their boards and we are excited that today it worked out for both at least once to turn and go sideways on the wave. The feeling is great, as the board takes up so much more speed. Our first time surfers fulfilled the goal of the first day! Understanding the motion of the moving wave and using it, as well as learning how to balance on the board in various ways. The board should always be flat on the surface of the water, this is how it maintains speed.

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