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Early morning call for our Surfers in October

catching waves in Crete, surf lesson, Kalo Surf

Sunny days on October in Crete. Because it was the end of a weather system, we made sure to meet our participants on the beach of Kissamos as early as possible, to avoid the waves potentially flattening out throughout the day. Luckily all were highly motivated and the warm sun helped with the anticipation of getting in the water to learn how to surf. Surf coach Andy held his lesson in French and German today. He taught basic theory to ensure communication, when he gives feedback and tips. We also did a warm up before the sports activity. Before we practice in the water, we do a dry run on the beach to make sure everyone understood the exercise and then it is time to learn how to catch the wave and balance on a surfboard on our bellies. Today we were gifted with small unbroken glassy green waves, as well as with bigger broken white waves. At around the middle of the lesson Andy called for a break to drink water and then showed the next step: popping up on the board. It was a lot of fun today, with glassy waves, perfect for a beginner lesson for kids and adults! The beach was all ours on this bright sunny October morning in Kissamos, Crete. Click here for the pictures of 14 October 2019

#FrenchSurflesson #GermanSurflesson

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