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First time surfing in Crete

group picture surf lesson, Crete

Ideal conditions on this sunny October Sunday in Crete to learn how to surf. Pasi and his family booked a unique surfing experience with Kalo Surf surf school to remember. After surf instructor Andy handed out the equipment suitable in size for each person, we walked to the beach for the theory part of the lesson. Whenever you start surfing it is important to learn about safety rules and communication, so you understand the basic terminology for when the surf instructor gives you tips and feedback. We also always do a warm up to prepare for the sports activity. Then surf instructor Andy also showed board handling, how to carry the board and how to walk towards the waves, so they don't knock you over. The first half of of the practical part is practicing catching the wave and laying flat on our bellies while riding. This is important to experience the momentum and to memorize the correct position. This very first ride is always a lot of fun, when you feel the power of the wave for the very first time! Lots of shared laughter during this section of the surf lesson. The second part of the practical part we continue to step No 2 and learn how to pop up on the board. Some of our participants succeeded to pop up on the surfboard and have a ride on their very first lesson. For all however, the goal of the first day was fully accomplished. They learned how to catch a wave and finding the right position on the surfboard! Thank you so much for surfing with us. It was a pleasure to share the fun with you. Click here for the photo album of 13 October 2019 afternoon.

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