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We are Going Down South, Surf Lesson in Crete

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Overnight was a storm arrived in Crete from the South, bringing hot and humid air as well as swell to the south coast. With this particular swell height and direction there is nothing left to do for Kalo Surf surf school, than taking our surf lesson down south. And the south delivered. The waves massive, head high to overhead with some smaller sets in between of course. The course started with a warm up on the grass, safety rules, explanations and evaluation of the surf spot, drills adapted to the individual level, such as turning for the ones that were ready for the next step. Surf instructor Andy split his time between the inside section, where Denis caught white water waves and the outside section where the rest of the guys paddled into unbroken green waves. Here comes some individual feedback from surf coach Andy: Considering the conditions with powerful waves and strong winds all did really good. Moritz had the session of a lifetime. Artem & Eugenia gained more confidence in the water and were able to catch the wave on their own. Christos showed a lot of commitment and to turned his surfboard on a couple of waves. Denis popped up on the surfboard on his first surf lesson. Samir had a couple of great early take-offs and turns the board nicely. Eva had some reeeeaaaaally nice waves, one of them massive (!) and turned the board as well. Charlotte is training her overall fitness in order to be back in the game. When she got it, she "charlotted" it. The photos of today came out gray and a little dull, as the lens was constantly blurred from the saltwater blown in the air, but we can see your great surf session nonetheless. Click here for the album of 4 October 2019

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