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Great Waves for Surfing in Crete

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This afternoon our surf adventure started already with the ride in the surf van. We got to know each other and bonded already over surf stories. When we arrived at the surf spot we set up the area in the shade for the theory. We covered board parts for easier communication among other as well as the very important safety rules. Because it was a super warm afternoon in Falassarna, we skipped the warm up and went immediately to the drills on the sand on our boards. The ones with prior experience repeated the pop up, the ones who had their first surf lesson, learned how to surf in the prawn position. Surf instructor Andy also covered stalling & trimming. Through the course of the surf lesson, each participant individually got something new to learn. Anna and Paul learned how to pop up on the board, while the others moved on to learning and practicing the turn. The waves today in Falassarna where sizable and got more glassy throughout the afternoon, creating powerful white water lines, ideal for beginner surf lessons. It was definitely a memorable surf afternoon in Crete. This is the link for the pictures of 25 September 2019 afternoon

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