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After a real stormy weekend the swell dropped a little which means the bay of Kissamos is surfable again. Welcome back Andi and Sandra with the addition of Sonia. This is how our Kalo Surf family grows! You can surf on your home bay on your first day of your surf vacation. Lisa and Davy surfed today for the fourth time in a row! We started our surf lesson today with a fun warm up of Sirtaki dance, jogging along the beach and stretching. For the theory part Andy explained safety - we never get tired of safety - currents and how we can use them to our advantage in surfing among other things. For the dry run on the beach, we went through the whole cycle of paddling out overcoming the waves, paddling for the wave, pop up, the turn and accelerating by pumping. The next step would be a cut back with a bottom or top turn. Then it was time to conquer the water. Our participants followed surf instructor Andy like little ducklings, paddling out to the line up. It can be quite tricky paddling out on a beach break, by observing the different peaks and figuring out where the channel is, as well as waiting for the break in between sets. But once we were out, our participants caught waves and had fantastic rides. Nothing beats the feeling of having been able to catch a wave on your own and riding it.

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