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Surfing in Crete - we explore the coast of Chania

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It's the second day in a row that we are taking Kalo Surf surf school to this surf spot east of Chania in Crete. After we surfed really big and powerful waves yesterday, and the forecast showing the same conditions for today, we felt it is the right move to leave the rest of the messy north coast behind and move to this spot. Here the waves come in in an organised manner and it can hold a more powerful swell. From tomorrow on, when the swell drops, this particular spot will be flat, and the other spots in the North, as is Kissamos, will work again.

Today the sets came in first nice and gentle, but the size grew bigger and bigger during the course of our surf lesson. All surfers had previous experience. Lisa and Davy who knew the spot from yesterday and knew already how to circulate, entered first. Then Andy explained to the others the spot, where the channel is, how we circulate, where the peak of the wave is and where the impact zone is. Then we did some dry runs on the beach to improve the pop up, gaining speed and turns. During the pop up it is important to be as smooth as possible, so the board keeps the same position in the water (as flat as possible) in order to reduce drag and not to lose speed. In the water we had so much fun sharing the waves with each other. Our participants had great rides and were able to perform turns and follow the flow of the wave. It was hard to not keep on surfing all day long, but even the best of surf sessions have to come to an end.

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