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Surf Lesson in Crete - we take a trip

surf course, Chania, Crete

Today we take a trip with the Kalo Surf surf van, surfboards loadad and all towards a surf spot East of Chania, that can hold the big swell of this weekend. The waves were big, fat and powerful. The waves came in organised sets and there was a channel to paddle out.

First thing in the morning, we start our lesson with a warm up to prepare for the upcoming sports activity. Then Andy did the theory of the circulation of this particular bay. He explained how currents work and how we can use them to our advantage during the surf session. Then we went through the dry runs on the beach: paddling, pop up and turns. Now it's time to hit the water with our surfboards. All participants had prior experience and they were well prepared for the task at hand. It was great that all understood how to circulate and how to check their position in the surf spot. Still, it takes some getting used to a new environment, and this is especially true with surfing, where no day is like the day before.

Our Kalo Surfer got some really cool waves, some steeper waves further out and some spilling waves further inside. It was a join to see your smiling faces every time you finished a ride and walked back to the channel.

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