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Surfing in Crete

surfing in Crete, group picture, surf course

What worked out so greatly yesterday, had to be repeated today. Same surf spot, same time, same participants as yesterday in today's surf lesson in Crete. Now we know the sequence of the surf course. We change quickly into our wetsuits and carry the surfboards to the beach. We also know the surf spot, where it is safe to enter and exit the water and where to catch the wave - right next to Andy ;)

Because everyone knew how to safely navigate the waves and what the individual things are that each person needs to train & improve, this lesson was focused on practice and catching as many waves as possible. Now it is the point to solidify the movement patterns. Some participants spent some time in the white water and popping up on the board as many times as possible. Some tried to figure out which waves are the best to take, when and where. Some tried to prolong their ride and attempted turns. After the third surf lesson with us, we feel that you got a solid basis and understanding of the sport. We hope you continue your surf journey and take it to the next level - with us or anywhere you next trip will take you. Keep on surfing.

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