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Surf Lesson in Chania

Surfing in Crete, Wave, paddling, surfboard

Today we moved our surf lesson to a surfspot closer to Chania, which worked better with this slightly altered swell direction. Thanks to surf instructor Andy's ability to read the weather sites as well as his local knowledge - how is the ocean floor shaped in a certain bay - we were on the right time at the right surf spot and had just the right size and power of a wave in a safe environment.

All participants had their second surf lesson with Kalo Surf today. After we geared up with wetsuit and surfboard, went down to the beach to start our sports activity with a warm up. Then Andy lead the drills on the beach: paddling and pop up. Then we paddling out to the line up, the place where we sit and wait for the wave. Andy showed our participants how to get back up on the board, how to balance while sitting and how to quickly turn around with the board like a dolphin. We all tried to catch a few waves together while following the circle when paddling back out after a ride. We practiced catching waves on our own while paddling until the break. During the break Andy checked again the pop up on land, gave some tips and also gave the option to catch waves further inside, thus to have a higher wave count. Towards the end of the lesson, Jonna had a suuuuuper long ride. The stoke is real. Shaka.

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