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Great Improvements and Fun at the Surf Course

surfing green wave in Crete, surfboard, surf lesson

We started out our surf course this morning with a photo analisis for the four surfers that surfed with us yesterday afternoon. Andy gave crucial feedback about what they did well and what are the mistakes to correct. This could be improving the point where we try to catch the wave, the pop up, twisting the upper body or looking at the wave and directing.

After the warm up, each person got specially designed drills from Andy in order to improve and work on the points what we have seen in the pictures before. In the water everyone had his individual exercises to work and focus on. In the first half Laura and Aimee stayed in the inside section for the white water exercises. After the break all paddled out together in the line up and caught more waves - with and without surf coach Andy's help.

And this morning course is full of success stories. Dan made a turn for the first time and was looking down the face of the wave. Aimee improved her pop up a great deal with a high wave count in the white water. Towards the end of the lesson she had an epic ride, which had everyone screaming. Laura succeeded to pop up on a surfboard on her very first day and have a ride. Our youngest surfer Robert managed to catch waves on his own many times, pop up and have much longer rides than before. Pauline made turns back side and front side. Lars caught nice waves and really understood how to direct his board. Overall Pauline and Lars gained lots and lots of experience during their time with us and it is beautiful to see their progress and their rise in confidence. Andy is proud.

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