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Surfcourse with the Family in Crete

Mum, daughter and son catching a wave together

Exclusive surf lesson for the family of Isabel from Belgium. We started bright and early and dealt with the formalities as quickly as possible in order to save our precious time for the water. Andy started out with basics and especially safety rules to follow when surfing, followed by a quick warm up. It was already quite warm in Crete, so everyone was glad to get in the water to cool down. Emma brought some experience with her. While the others started with the exercises of catching the wave and gliding, Emma went straight for the pop up. After everyone learned the process of walking back out, turning around while showing your back at the wave, catching a wave and gliding, Andy brought the group out to teach them the pop up. In the second half of the course we practiced the pop up, while Emma went a step further and tried some really nice turns. For Isabel, Andy thought her the motion of getting to your knees and gliding, which is a technique to get comfortable with the surfboard and gaining confidence in the water.

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