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The Joy of Surfing in Crete

joyful laughter while catching the wave in Crete

Early morning surf lessons are just the best! The beaches are empty and the sunlight shines beautifully into the waters of Crete!

Everyone woke up bright & early and after our pick up route, we met on the beach and changed quickly so not to lose any precious surf time. Andy put the participants in a half circle to start the lesson. A warm up is always a good start for your surf session and so did we today. Then we covered finding the position on the board while laying down on the board and the prawn position. For the returning surfers we repeated the movement of the the pop up. Now it's time to hit the water for practice!!! How do we catch a wave while pushing & jumping. After the guys caught many waves and figured out the basics, we took a break. On the second beach part of the surf lesson, our first time surfers learned how to pop up on the board. Andy also gave a few tips how to better pop up to the returning surfers and showed them stalling & trimming. This means shifting your weight in order to prolong the ride. Back in the water everyone managed to stand up on the board, even if it was just for a short moment, but it's quite an accomplishment for the first day! Rosa's and Nadine's focus was on choice of wave and how to get into the wave while paddling. As Andy put it, Nadine will probably not go on a vacation any more, where there is no surfing, after this perfect day.

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