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Paddle paddle paddle - our surf lesson of 02 July 2019

Surfer catching wave while her family looks on

"This surf lesson was EPIC!!! Legends will talk about it and POEMS will be written about it!!!"

That were surf instructor Andy's words when came back from the surf course today!

Third and final day of surf lessons in Crete for Pia & the gang. They were naturally a bit sore in the muscles after so much surfing, but the yoga they did in their hotel helped and they were ready for the task of the day: Paddling! Perfect glassy waves peeling in this morning in the bay of Kissamos! When the guys saw this spectacle during the warm up, the excitement grew. Andy repeated the pop up on the beach for everybody. Then we did a hard paddle training in the sand so everybody understood the concept of putting maximum power in their paddle stroke. We jumped into the water and Andy showed them how to sit on the surfboard, turn around, get back on the surfboard and to paddle for the wave. Josefine and Anders quickly got the hang of it and caught waves on their own while paddling. Alberte started trying catching waves on her own and she eventually did!!! And even stood up on the board and had a ride!!! Bravo, remember your journey and what you have accomplished! Today was an awesome surf experience, so much fun! The guys stayed as much as they could in the water to soak it all in before we wrapped up the course with a nice group picture for great memories.

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