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What a Thrill - Surfing in Crete

close up surfers taking off on a wave in Crete

Surf reporting is like a thriller as of lately. Will the swell arrive as predicted, will it be late or not come at all? Because Nancy and her family were planning to travel all the way from Heraklion to surf with us, we were not sure if a cancellation is the better choice on a day with sketchy waves. At this point, we did not know yet that they were determined to surf and were heading to the Chania area anyway. So we decided to call the lesson last minute. It turned out to be a great decision. The swell arrived just in time and it was one of the most fun courses of our season so far.

The good vibe started with the hello and jokes were cracked already while handing out the gear. On the beach, Andy sat the guys down in a half moon circle to teach them the basics of surfboard handling and safety. After the warm up it was time to get into the water. The first exercise is to learn how to catch the wave on your own and glide in the water. Then also steering by shifting the weight ever so slightly. As a next step Andy showed them the pop up and everyone stood up during their first surf lesson and had a great time. It might have taken Nancy a little bit longer than the others, but when she did, her joy was contagious and she was unstoppable! The family caught so many waves together, surfing one next to each other, it was just a great time. A day to remember.

Thank you Lucy, for picking surfing as the one activity you got to chose during your summer vacation in Greece!

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