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Three Generations Family Surfing in Crete

young surfer riding wave in Crete

When we got the booking request of Johanna and her family we were immediately intrigued by the idea of bringing three generations on the surfboard. A couple of messages back and forth to solve some logistics and we were ready to go. This is what Kalo Surf is all about: Bringing people of all ages and abilities closer to the joy of surfing! Today's age ranged from 9 to 70! After the pick up from the hotel we drove together to the surf spot where we geared up the participants. Looking like surfers it was time to hit the beach and start with learning the basics about our equipment as well as safety in the theory part. Then cool down in the water with the first exercise - catching the wave and riding it on our bellies. That's how we learn and experience the mechanics of the pushing wave and balancing on the board. Of course the first adrenalin rush of the pushing wave never disappoints and all road many waves to the shore. After a short break it's time to learn how to pop up on the board while maintaining the speed of the pushing wave. Our family rode one wave after the other! Chest swelled with pride (best sports instructor ever, new favorite sport), Andy wrapped up the course and we dropped Johanna and her gang back to the hotel. It's safe to say we got a couple of new converties.

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