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Glassy glassy days in Crete

Glassy days Surfing in Crete

Glassy waves is the surfer's dream. Turquoise waters so clear that you can see the bottom of the ocean, it's just unforgettable.

It was the second surf day of surf lessons for Annika and her family and they are progressing fast! Today they learned how to catch a wave while paddling. That's a completely new chapter: spotting the right wave, positioning quickly on the board, timing when to start paddling and those last few powerful strokes that make all the difference. In addition to that they were also trying to do turns already!!! Today was also the reunion with our own Kalo Surfer, Christine, from Switzerland. She did not forget a thing and picked up her surf journey where she left it last year. We are excited to see how far the surf journey will take us is 2019.

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