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Exciting Surf Lesson in Falassarna in May

group photo in Falassarna in May with Surfboards

Exciting surf day today in Crete! One more time the waves of Crete treated us with their beauty and of course we don't miss the chance. Our group today consisted of first time surfers Lisa and Michael, second day surfer Oscar and 10 years in the making surfers Marc and Andreas. Our first time surfers first got introduced to basic knowledge of the surfboard and how to catch the wave. Let's not forget, catching the wave is the most important part in surfing! Then it was time to put the practice on the beach into the water. All the while Oscar got the change to repeat what he has learned on his first day and then practice catching waves and riding to the shore. 10 years ago Marc and Andreas first met surf coach Andy while taking lessons in Fuerteventura. Today was their last surf day with us after a very successful week of surfing in Crete. They made again progress with their surf skills, but most importantly were very very happy with the time they get to spend in the water in our empty surf spots in Crete.

After all the smiles in the photo say it all: awesome surf session - happy surfers.

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