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Morning light - Surfer's delight

Surfing waves Falassarna

How do we love to start our day? You guessed it: by changing into our wetsuits, grabbing our boards and jumping in the refreshing waters of Falassarna beach. The morning hours are particularly magic when it comes to surfing. The beaches are empty, the air is fresh, the afternoon wind has not yet picked up and our bodies wake up and feel rejuvenated.

Practice makes perfect thought our dutch family and returned for their second surf lesson with Kalo Surf. And they caught and rode many many waves all the way to the shore. They were joined today by Spiros and Iris equally infected by the surfing virus. And last but not least, Andreas and Marc took the opportunity of this glassy surf session to paddle out and practice catching waves and the famous the bottom turn, starting point of all following surf maneuvers.

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