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Fun Times for the whole Family while Surfing in Crete

Family laughing beginner surf lesson Crete Greece

Lots of laughs and good times during the beginner surf lesson in Crete. Today we had the pleasure to infect a whole family of five from The Netherlands with the virus that is surfing. After Andy handed out the equipment and everybody got changed into the gear they looked like a real team and we were ready to go. As usual we start our surf session with a warm up and a basic theory on the beach. After that it is time to go in the water and learn the mechanics of the breaking waves and how to best catch them & glide on the surfboard. This step is the most important thing in surfing. Because no matter how good you surf or how much experience you have, first we need to catch those waves! After catching many many waves and gaining experience, Andy taught our group to pop up on the board and ride straight to the shore. We are sure they got hooked as Yvonne, Stijn and Floor will be returning for more.

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