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Bottom Turns and First Time Surfing in Crete

surfers posing with surf boards in Crete

A sunny day in April in Crete with waves. Let's venture out and catch those waves. First time surfers Holly and Oscar learned the first steps in surfing during their lesson with Kalo Surf surf school. Getting familiar with the equipment, positioning and catching waves. After the first couple of exercises and probably some dives in the clear waters of the Cretan sea it was time for the next step: Learning how to pop up on the board and riding the wave to the shore. Practice makes perfect, thus we made sure to catch as many waves as possible until we are tired and happily call it a day. In the meantime, returning guest Paul had the surf of his life today. He was practicing further

his turns and how to generate speed once your up and riding the face of the wave. He could not wipe the smile off his face and we are happy to have shared this experience with him! Click her for the pictures

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