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Glassy Morning Surf for the Beginner Surf Course in Kissamos, Crete

Kids surfing in Crete, Beginner Surf course

When we arrived this morning at our home surf spot in Kissamos, Crete, sunny weather and beautiful glassy waves were waiting for us. Our group consisted of all first time surfers. So Andy took his time to teach the beginners first and foremost in safety and basic surf terminology to ensure clear communication. And because it was morning, we also do a nice warm up, to wake up our muscles! Then it was time for the first exercises. It is important to learn first how to handle the board and how to get it to glide with the wave. With a variety of playful exercises the whole group got the hang of it quickly. Especially for Tudor's family it helped that they all body boarded before. Then it was time to learn the correct pop up and try surfing while standing. Well done to everyone. Our participants surfed one wave after the other. What a fantastic day to start your surf journey!

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