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Glassy Surf at the Beach of Falassarna

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What a beautiful morning at such a beautiful beach! We could not have wished for better conditions to surf! The waves were glassy and just the right size to learn surfing.

Noud and Manouk enjoyed their last day on Crete and we are very happy you spend the morning with us and surfed one wave after antoher! You improved so much in such a short time! We wish you a safe flight back home!

Chris and Carina absolutley rocked it! Carina definatley learned how to read waves because she was always at the right spot at the right time and caught a lot of waves. For Chris, we would like to quote Andy: In the end of the lesson Chris had 3 very long rides all the way to the beach and concluded the session happy and proud of his achievements!

Siblings Nina and Kilian had their first surf lesson with us. Andy taught them how to glide on the surboard and they picked up very fast. So after just a few rounds, it was time to pop up and surf the first wave - it's an incredible feeling, isn't it?

Click here to see all the pictures of our Glassy Surf Session on the 02/09/2018

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