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Surfer girls and surfer boys in Crete

surfer girl in Crete

Today it was finally time for the group around organizer, Angela, to get their first surf experience with Kalo Surf surfschool Crete. Even though they vacationed in Crete many times before it was their first time experiencing the waves on a surf board.

As always, Andy started the lesson with safety instructions and board handling. And after the first exercises it was time to ride those waves and get those smiles full of stoke! Only a surfer knows :)

Well done and hopefully see you next time.

In the afternoon it was time for session No 2. After a lot of scrambling, we were able to offer a second course today in order to get everybody on the board that really wants to surf. For Stavros and Prodromos it was not the first experience. But with Andy they had the chance to correct common mistakes and progress a little further.

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