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Perfect day of Surfing with Kalo Surf

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What a day!! An Earlybird at the Reef Break of Falassarna was definitely the place to be at this beautiful morning here on Crete! Surf coach Andy once again showed his skills in wave forecasting and predicted an epic session on the reef. Quickly we changed our course planning so that our intermediate surfers could benefit from the perfect conditions. It turned out to be the biggest and glassiest day that Andy has seen so far on the reef. The sets were rolling in way out there. And in the front a couple of waves even connected. It was glassy and not choppy, so there was an easy channel. All the waves were just for us on our secret spot.... and so on and so on!

Alex, Valerie, Lars, Anke, Marzio, Harald, Sonia and Charlotte, you really chose the best day for surfing! Especially you Charlotte, what a perfect first day ?!

Click here for the pictures of todays epic surf!

#reefbreakFalassarna #surfingcrete #firstday #surfingwithkalosurf

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