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Big achievements today at the surf lesson in Crete

Happy faces after the surf course

Today was a somewhat emotional day at Kalo Surf surf school in Crete. The personal achievements of our guests make all the difference to us! The lesson was again at our *secret reef and the waves were just right. Andy started the day with a surf skate training. This helps train the correct position on the surf board and prepares to learn to gain speed and make turns. Janina made an awesome full turn on the skateboard and could not believe it. She never skated before! Then it was time to conquer the waves in Crete. Ben really found his flow today and was super comfortable on the board. And Michal? He shared a story that he had a bad experience with water in his childhood and since has had mixed feelings about the elements. If anybody told him before his vacation that he would paddle out into a reef break and learn how to surf, he would have said: "impossible!" At the end of his three-day-course he had a very long ride and even mastered a turn!!!

Kalo Surf - changing lives since 2015 ;) This is the link for the photos of today

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