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Private Coaching in Crete

Team picture after surfing

What a day in Kissamos! It was rough but we made!

Not the easiest conditions for the first day of surfing but Linda and her father did really good!

Keneth is improving a lot so today he started with turning the surfboard in the white water. For Mia and Keneth was it the last day of surfing with Kalo Surf but they are already checking the flights to come back in October :)

Catherina had her second day and now it's time for a little break. Lucky her, she will stay a few more weeks so no rush!

Eve had a private intermediate class and it was challenging in the bay of Kissamos. Because of the swell Andy chose a different section of the bay and there it was a lot easier to enter the water and paddle out.

Click here for the pictures of today!

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