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Surfing in perfect mellow waves in Greece

From the cold and rainy Norway to the warm waters of Crete. Mia and Keneth couldn't wait to start their first surfing class in Kissamos!

It was their first time on a surfboard and after a few round just gliding on the board, Andy taught them how to do the take off and both surfed their very first wave. Well done guys!

Elena and Kostas joined our lesson in the morning last minute! They wanted go surfing before they had to leave Crete again. So we put them on a surfboard and they caught a lot of waves and hat a lot of fun! Have a nice flight back home and see you soon!

Our intermediate class was super stoked about the nice, perfect and mellow waves this afternoon! Sacha, Adam and Andy finished their session with an epic party wave all the way to the beach and with big smiles in their faces!

Click here to see all the pictures of today!

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