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The Goat SUP Tour on Crete

snorkeling in underwater cave in Greece

So many goat encounters - this tour had to be named the "tour of the goat"! First we encountered the world's first swimming goat! It jumped in the water and took off like there's no tomorrow. The shepard had to jump in after it and get it!

After that we passed many chilling goats under trees and then climbed up to a cave that turned out to be goat paradise judging from the sheer amount of goat droppings :-) Think of a play ball pool and you get the idea. But no goat experience would be complete without discovering a dead goat - the circle of life.

But not only goats were a sight on today's scenic ride. Small bays, rock formations, small churches, a walk through nature, snorkeling, underwater caves, and a tropical downpour rounded off the day.

Click here for the pictures of today!

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