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Kids surf lesson in Crete

kids surf lesson, conditions ideal for kids

Why not try surfing with kids in Crete? Whenever we have kids in our group, we look to find conditions that are ideal for children. A wave that is not too big or powerful, a sandbank that is flat enough for the children to walk to the line up. Often we get asked what is the ideal age to start with surfing? We recommend for children of 8 years old and older. Sometimes we can make exceptions for younger kids but even for 8 and 9 year old kids the requirements are the following: That they like the water and are excited to try surfing. That they are fine with having water sprayed in their face, with falling from the surfboard and with having their heads under water for a moment. Being a confident swimmer. And lastly, there is a required height to fit our smallest equipment AND being able to walk on the sandbank. Thigh high waters for an adult are approximately hip or waist high waters for children. Today we were happy to welcome such fearless and excited surfers! First of all surf coach Andy handed out the equipment: board and leashes adapted for the size as well as a short wetsuit to protect from abrasion of the skin that occurs when rubbing against the surfboard in the salt water throughout the duration of the course. Lastly, a surf school lycra to signal to the lifeguard that we are part of a group!

Then we headed to the beach for explanations. Important safety rules to protect ourselves from injury, parts of the surfboard to secure communication and the first exercises on land. The goal of the first surf lesson is to learn how to catch a wave on your own and how to balance on the surfboard, so it maintains speed - no matter in what position!

Then we headed in the water and Andy showed the children and their father how to catch a wave with the push & jump technique. Launch yourself forward at the exact moment when the wave hits your surfboard and glide on the board towards the beach. After a couple of tries this worked out great and everyone was super stoked and proud to be able to achieve this step. Towards the second half of the lesson, we try popping up on the surfboard. Again, the key is balance and a smooth motion, not to lose the speed on the wave. Also this worked like a charm. Our participants surfed many many waves from beginning to the end, with breaking before hitting the beach. The smiles on their faces in our photos say it all!!!

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