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The surf session of a lifetime in Crete Greece

reef break surfing in Crete

This day surfing in Crete in August 2020 will forever be marked in our memories. Not only for our participants, because they got to experience for the first time this particular wave in Crete, but also for us from the Kalo Surf team, because the wave, the vibe and the participants were just perfect.

Our secret spot worked all day long, so Kalo Surf surf school was able to surf this wave with both groups - morning and afternoon. Let's stay hush hush about the quality of this wave, so we get to enjoy it exclusively as long as possible. A surfer knows how unique an empty surf spot is and how quickly it can get spoiled.

Most participants surfed on a point break for the first time, so surf coach Andy made sure that everything runs smoothly during the surf session. The most important part is safety. This includes the so called reef circle. You paddle out in the channel. You paddle to the peak. Then you paddle for the wave. Whether you made it to surf the wave or not, paddle quickly sideways back to the channel. Like this you don't hinder the ride of the next surfer and we avoid collisions.

Everyone who was part of this unique experience today, was able to catch awesome waves and we cheered each other on.

A day like this and a spot like this are rare even for those who surf for many years already. As surf instructor Alex put it: one day you will look back to this day in Crete and remember how special it was.

There is not a photo from everyone today in the photo album but the memory will stay forever in our hearts.

Photo album of 8 August 2020

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