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Wild Wild West of Crete, Greece

9 year old kid surfer catching waves in Falassarna

This morning Crete showed it's wild side and maybe it's wild beauty? Certain wind directions bring humidity to the island resulting in the weather being overcast. So our photos may not be as sunny as other times, but it's nice to sometimes catch a break from the strong summer sun in Greece.

The surf lesson started with setting up the area for the part that we teach on the beach. A nice warm up for our sore muscles is never wrong. Then we repeated the pop up on the beach and only first time surfer Alessandro started the first half of the lesson learning the prawn position. Andy also showed the correct paddling technique, so we have this as a second option for catching waves; as well as for our two smaller girls it helps to overcome the area where the water is too deep for them to walk. Further out there is a sandbank where everyone could stand and wait for the right wave to catch. All trained how to choose the right wave and how to catch it either with push & jump or with paddling. Mirja & Svea really stood out today with being absolutely fearless and quickly getting the hang of it. The second half of the lesson we talked about stalling & trimming as well as about the pop up for Alessandro. All caught really nice waves and the stoke is real. Particularly fun are the waves that were caught together at the same time. The smiles we get are just proof: Surfing is the best.

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