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Magical Morning Light during the Surf Lesson in Greece

surfing catching waves in Falassarna, Crete

Everybody that knows us, knows that we love to go surfing in the morning hours. Of course getting out of bed is not the best feeling in the world, but you get rewarded by the magical atmosphere that is on the beaches in the mornings.

After we completed our pick up route, we geard up our group of first time surfers with their equipment. Tom got a special surprise from his girlfriend Silvia: the surf lesson was his birthday present! Before Andy taught the guys the first day theory we woke up our bodies with a warm up! Then it was time to practice in the water the push & jump technique of catching the waves and surfing on our bellies on the board. This is critical in surfing, figuring out when and how to catch the wave and keeping our balance on the board. Everyone in our group got the hang of it and after a short break we moved on to the next step: Popping up on the board. This movement feels very new at first and takes some getting used to. Our participants caught many waves and while some might have struggled, Andy showed them individually some adjustions to the pop up that might better work for them. Andy was super happy that by the end of the lesson, all made it to pop up on their boards and ride the wave!

In the afternoon we had time for a kid's surf lesson. We received a last minute booking and were super happy to have found a time slot for them. Children are such a joy to teach, as they do everything intuitive and with a smile on their faces. Andy explained them interactively safety while surfing and some rules how we will do the lesson, so each can take their turn. The kids did great for their first time surfing. They caught many waves on their own as well as with Andy's help. After the break they learned how to pop up on the board and they all quickly understood how. After one more break they even tried switching stance, a fun exercise for balance. When the session finished, all were tired except of Alexandra, who seems to have tons of energy! Surf instructor Andy took good care that all kids were safe and had fun, that's why we only have a couple of photos. But we are sure the parents snapped away while they were watching them from the shore.

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