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Surfing Week No 22 - Surfing the Beaches of Kissamos, Crete

Surfing lessons from 30 May - 6 June 2022

This week we surfed on various beaches of the municipality of Kissamos, Crete. We started on Monday and Tuesday with a Western Swell at Falassarna beach. This surf spot never fails to impress with crystal clear waters and glassy waves.

By Thursday the swell direction had turned and we surfed on the shallow beachbreak of Mavros Molos in Kissamos.

After the introduction to safety in surfing, our first timers learned how to catch waves and become familiar with the surfing equipment. After a row of exercises that help with the motion it is time to learn the pop-up. A good pop-up technique helps along the line with making the most out of your ride.

The ones that surfed before trained on solidifying their take-off and pop-up, learned stalling & trimming and turning. This week we also had the opportunity to paddle further out to catch waves and have longer rides!

Thank you all for surfing with us.

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