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Wellenreiten auf Kreta am Riff

Surfkurs am Riff auf Kreta

Heute probieren wir mal was Neues in unserem täglichen Surf-Blog. Heute gibt es ein Transkript von Surf Coach Andys Sprachnachricht zum heutigen Kurses. Viel Spaß :)

Today's morning course. Today is the 4th of September. It was on the reef. We surfed our nice point break. It was going off, with bigger sets of 2 - 2.5 meters and smaller sets of 1.5 - 2 meters. Glassy, you could see the bottom, the wave see through, so clean, no wind at all, no wind! The sun was shining, the group was on a very good level. We could enjoy turning, and trying to do the cutback as well. The goal was to make the turn and prolong the ride, to keep on surfing the wave all the way as far as you can go. And you could get a long ride today! Everybody had at least one long good ride. We surfed at least 2 hours in the water. We did in the beginning the explanation on the beach of the spot with everybody. First I quickly explained it to Leonidas and he went in. Then I did it to everybody - thoroughly! Explaining everything. How we move in the water. What do we do in case of this & that. How we fall and come up. How we fall correctly. How we protect ourselves and our heads in case of a nosedive. We got on the boards on the beach and we tried the turn. We tried visualizing the cutback tried figuring it out. And then we went in the water, paddling out like a group of ducks. Immediately everybody came to me to the peak and got their first wave, right away, and they could stand up and surf. And a second and a third wave. And then I let them try on their own and everybody was successful to catch the wave. Shakalaka.

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