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Surfing Falassarna Morning Delight

taking off on green waves surf lesson Greece

Fun waves today with a beautiful scenery early morning in Falassarna. The beach was empty, the waters clear like in the Caribbean, the waves were glassy with offshore wind. Just the right set up to play with waves and try all sorts of maneuvers undisturbed #emptysurfspot

The surf lesson started with a warm up on the beach. Then we had dry runs for the basic movement patterns such as paddle stroke, the pop up and turns. With those fun waves we don't exhaust ourselves trying to get out to the line up and can rather focus on the take offs and turns. All in the group today managed to pop up on the board and execute some turns. Andy focused his attention that our participants learn to take off on the peak, in order not to not miss the best section of the wave & have a longer ride, as well as choosing which side to turn, meaning to follow the side where the waves stays open. Violette and Timothée were shredding this morning with their early take offs and bottom turns, and their fun approach to surfing. Let's always try to have a good time!

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