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Surfing lesson in August in Greece

surfing lesson in Greece

August in Crete. Super warm waters and a slight breeze from the Meltemi winds. This northern wind typically blows on on the islands of the Aegean sea during the summer months and creates surf wherever the swell hits the northern coast. Today our surf spot of choice was the bay of Kissamos. During the last big storm, the shape of the sandbank changed - to our favour. In order to surf we need the swell to hit a shallow obstacle on the ocean floor, so the wave breaks and releases its power. At the moment the sandbank in Kissamos is just perfect.

Participants today in our surfing lesson were first timers Bruno and his kids, as well as Kristin, together with beginner surfers Luka and Julius. As always, surf instructor Andy brought everyone on the same page regarding safety in the water. Then he introduced the first timers to board handling and the exercises in catching waves and balancing on the surfboard. Luka and Julius focused today on optimising their take off, making sure the surfboard is flat on the water by stalling & trimming and finally making a turn for the first time. In the second half of the course the first timers learned how to correctly pop up on the board and then tried it in the water, while our beginners learned paddling, turning around and paddling for the wave as well as getting back on the board in deeper waters. When paddling for the wave, don't forget to look behind you with every second paddle stroke!

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