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First steps in Surfing in Crete Greece

take off in surfing in Greece

First day of surfing for the participants of our surf lesson at Kalo Surf surf school in Crete today. We met in the afternoon to surf the afternoon swell that hit the island of Crete coming from the North. Favourable conditions for a beginner surf lesson. At the moment we have in Kissamos a shallow sand bank where the wave breaks and rolls as white water line to the shore. Today we were learning to catch this white water wave and surf it in a straight line to the shore - no matter in what position. In the very first surfing lesson the goal is to find the correct position on the board and to learn the motion of catching the wave by pushing and jumping on the board. At first it feels very new to maneuver a big board through the waves and to try to lay it flat on the water so it takes off. But after a couple of repetitions and exercises our participants got the hang of it and even tried popping up on the surfboard by the end of the lesson. Great job!

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