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Waves in Crete - Surfing Lessons in Kissamos

preparations for surfing lesson, waves in Crete

Good morning Kissamos. The early bird catches the worm. This goes especially for surfing, as usually we find the most favourable conditions in the morning, when the day is new, the beaches are empty and thermal winds don't mess with the glassy waves. This morning Gabriel, Tim and Jef enjoyed the exclusivity of a small group of a similar level. The conditions in Kissamos, Crete allowed them to finetune a couple of maneuvers and learn something new. Repetition is key! We have some great pictures of the boys performing front side and back side turns, important to start riding along the face of the wave. Check them out in the link down below.

In the afternoon we welcomed another homogenous group. Six surfers from Austria looking for their very first surf experience. First Andy explained the basics of surfing on the beach. Then we went in the water to get accustomed to the equipment - the so called board handling. How to position yourself on the board, how to catch the wave and how to balance so the board maintains speed. In the beginning these movements seem so new, but they quickly become second nature. After a quick break, we could tackle the pop up. And it was lots of fun!

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