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Surfing Falasarna - glassy waves and offshore wind

glassy waves breaking, surf spot

Today the waves in Crete were so great that we could make two courses, morning and afternoon. In the morning it was time for our youngsters to catch as many glassy waves as possible. The lesson began with a warm-up for Lisa. After the whole group assembled and received their surf equipment, we went to the beach for the land exercises. Then Andy sent them straight into the water. All surfed without having a break because the vibe and the waves were just too good to miss out. Tim & Gabriel even transitioned to a smaller board today. We are excited to see where their surf journey will still take them.

In the afternoon, first introduction to surfing for Eva and Jasmijn and second lesson for Pascal and his family. Also the focus for this group was to catch as many waves as possible, thus having as many repetitions as possible so that the technique & movements really become second nature to our surfers. The more experience you can get, the more you can improve. With small corrections from surf instructor Andy you can master choice of wave, catching the wave & taking off. The ultimate goal is to become an independent surfer. Photo album of 21 July 2020 morning and afternoon

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