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High Wave Count during the surf lesson in Crete

surfboard, surf lesson, Kissamos, Crete

When it comes to learning how to surf, it is crucial to have a high wave count during your sessions, meaning catch and pop up on as many waves as possible. This allows you to over time become more and more secure about your motions until you don't think about it any more. You know which waves are good to catch and you plant your hands and feet automatically on the right place of the board. The board should always be as flat as possible in the water in order to maintain maximum speed.

Today we started our lesson with a warm up and a theory to bring all participants on the same page, most importantly safety rules and communication. For our more experienced surfers our drills on the beach were paddling out and overcoming the waves. For the ones that were for the first time with us, we learned how we carry the board, walking into the water and of course how to catch white water waves. After the break we all paddled out together to try to catch waves further out. Lars & Pauline got many waves on their own, while Lars directed his board very nicely already during the take off. Sophie had a super long ride today that went on and on and on. The stoke after that was indescribable.

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