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Surf Warm Up Greek Style - Pentozali

Greek dancing as a surf warm up

We started our surf session with a Greek dancing warm up. A Cretan dance called Pentozali to make to blood flow and to get ready for the lesson. Andy explained the different parts of the board to William, Keith, Victoriya and Michael and also the correct positioning on the board. Thomas and Maxim have been surfing with us before so they could refresh their knowledge. A very important part about the positioning on a surfboard is to know how and where to lay down on the board so your weight is evenly distributed and the board does not slow down.

After a few pop ups it was time to hit the water and Thomas and Maxim could improve their take off while the rest started with the push and jump and handling the board in the waves. Everyone could practice for themselves before it was time for a little break.

Afterwards, the goal was to choose the right wave, at the right time so everyone can enjoy a long ride. Reading the waves and finding the prefect timing, is an important exercise!

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