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Afternoon Surf Lesson in August in Crete

kid surfer surfing a wave in Crete

Summer is still here in all it's glory here in Crete. This means sunshine, warm waters and also typical mediterranean north wind: Meltemi. This wonderful north wind not only brings a cool breeze, so we can sleep well at night, it also creates waves, that we can surf!! It's the second day of surf lessons for the participants of the Yoga retreat and also for Tomas and his son Maxim. We continue our surf journey together, practice the things we learned so far and for those who are ready learn something new: The turn. For Maxim this worked out really nicely today and he had some good rides and managed to turn his board in preparation to ride the face of the wave. Naturally also, not all days in surfing are the same. We are in a constantly changing environment. No wave is the same as the one before. It might also happen that it's not your day today. But this is the secret of surfing. We learn to be patient and to be happy with the smallest of steps achieved.

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