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Afternoon surfing with great waves in Kissamos

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Excellent conditions at the moment in Kissamos, Crete for surfing. We had a very nice group set up for their very first surf experience. After we met and did the formalities, everyone received their surfing equipment and then we settled in the shade for the theory of the first day. The most important aspect here is safety: how to protect the head, fall flat on the surface, keeping distance from one another and the safety signals! Then we did a warm up to prepare ourselves for the upcoming sports activity.

As a first step to tackle surfing we learn how to catch the wave by pushing & jumping. It is important to find your position on the board and the more you train the more it will go over into your blood. After the break and after everyone understood the motion of catching the wave, we learn how to pop up on the board and have a ride. The lesson was a lot of fun and quite the probably the most interesting thing on this afternoon in Kissamos, judging by the people that watched the lesson from the beach. The red flag was on the lifeguard tower which means swimming is strictly forbidden. When swimming is not allowed surfing under the supervision of a certified surf instructor and lifeguard is the best alternative :)

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