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Afternoon Surf lesson in July in Greece

surfer smiling on a wave

Summer time in Crete! Understandably the beaches can get quite busy, as everyone is looking for a place to cool off. We are looking to have a great surf lesson and the conditions today led us to the beach of Falassarna. After we met all participants, we sat down in the shade for the theory part of the lesson. Basic exercises for our first time surfers, correcting mistakes for our more advanced surfer. Each had their own individual points to concentrate on and work on. Then we ran as fast as we could with our surfboards over the hot beach to cool down in the refreshing waters. Andy made an area of the sandbank clear for our surf course, so we could practice surfing without disturbing the other beach goers. In fact the swimmers also had fun playing in the waves and enjoyed looking at our participants having fun during their surf lesson. The first part of the course is always dedicated to learning how to catch on your own. After the break Andy showed our first time surfers the pop up and then in the water helped everyone getting into the wave to have a longer ride. The vibe today was really good and we left the beach with a big smile on our faces.

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