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Surf lessons for all ages in Crete

12 year old surfer in Crete

Surfing is for all ages and for all fitness levels. We cannot stress this more. Because the fun and joy what surfing brings is way more important than any kind of performance. The overall experience of being completely surrounded by the elements and have your mind and body focused on one activity only, really makes you forget all your worries and just live in the now.

After the formalities, Andy set up the area for the theory and the dry runs on the beach. We repeated the pop up and practiced in the water. We also learned something now today: stalling and trimming in order to prolong the ride. And Mario, who had a little bit more experience than the rest of the group learned the correct paddling technique and how to paddle in order to catch the wave. Thus concluded a beautiful morning in Crete with glassy green waves.

Family group picture after the surf lesson

Super smooth and harmonic was the afternoon lesson in Kissamos bay! Mark and his family had the whole surf lesson for themselves. They had lots of time to practice what they have learned so far. The lesson started with a photo feedback. The pictures that we take during of the surf lesson are not only a welcome souvenir for our guests but also for photo coaching. Andy can give either instant feedback by showing them the display of the camera during the course, or we look at it in more detail the next day during the theory part, after we have seen the pictures on the computer and selected a few key points. Sometimes seeing yourself, your posture and small mistake, can really help to make something click and focus your attention on that small detail during the next session.

The lesson was super smooth with small waves in Kissamos. The guys caught waves on their own while paddling or with Andy's help. Andy helped with choice of wave, as it can be tricky to spot the good ones. Because we focused a bit more on coaching and were fully in the zen today, there are just a couple of snaps from this afternoon...

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