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Summer vacation - surf lessons in Kissamos

party wave, surfing together in Crete

Early morning in sunny Kissamos in Crete. Beginner surf lesson with Kalo Surf. It's the second surf lesson of Mark and his family, and the third and final surf lesson of the birthday twins. Glassy waves were waiting for us upon arrival at Kissamos bay. This makes the surfer jump for joy. The goal of the day was for all to practice what they have learned so far and to have a lot of fun. The morning sun created a nice atmosphere on the grassy area, where we made the warm up and the theory part. Then we went in the shallow waters, maximum hip high, so push & jump and catch the wave. In surfing the progress might seem small but they are big individual successes for each surfer and the personal rewarding feeling is everything!

11 year old surfer riding a wave in Kissamos, Crete
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