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Day Two for the Swiss Surf Crew in Crete

Taking off on a glassy green wave

Another glassy surf day in Crete with Kalo Surf. We are glad that the Swiss surf crew got together for a second day of shared waves.

Even though the weather goes bananas lately - as Andy says - he had a gut feeling that the swell will still be here today. And it turned out the waves were even better than the day before! Our group was excited and ready to go for the early bird surf lesson. Today we trained advanced paddling technique, to make longer and more efficient paddling strokes as well as the bottom turn and riding backhand & fronthand along the wave. And everyone achieved a couple of goals. Everyone got to catch waves on their own and practiced how to figure out to go left or right along the wave. It was the last day of Martina with us. We say goodbye and hope to see you again some time.

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