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Dancers on a Surfboard in Kissamos

group picture surfing in Crete

Top conditions today for our two groups of beginner surfers in Kissamos, Crete. North Swell arrived on the island and is here to stay. This means we surf at our homespot in Kissamos on an empty beach in September! The morning and afternoon group started first and foremost by learning how to handle the wave and how to glide. If you can't catch the wave and glide, you can never surf. So we can not stress enough how important gliding is :) As a next step the participants learned how to pop up on the board smooth like a cat in order not to lose their balance. And quickly we saw small achievements, especially in the group of dancers in the afternoon. No wonder, their in body control and sense of balance is a huge advantage when it comes to surfing. It was a fun day and we made sure to leave as little waves as possible "unridden".

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